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Please have a look at my gallery you will get an idea of my style!

What you can/cannot do with your commission
  • The finished piece can be submitted to your own gallery, but the credit is still mine, so you must give the proper credits.
  • You can modify the piece and use it for personal purposes. 
  • I usually submit the finished pieces to my gallery, but you can request me to no do this in advance. 

If you have any other doubt, you can send me a note or comment on this journal


Request Procedure

  • STEP 1 Send  me a note with the basic idea of what you want, and references if you have them, details, colors, etc. The more detailed description the better!(NOTE: I reserve the right to decline a request if I consider it at this point)
  • STEP 2 We discuss the price. 
  • STEP 3 Once the price is settled, in the meantime you do the payment I do the initial sketch and show it to you, so you can ask for changes to it if you want. 
  • STEP 4 Once I receive the payment, I'll finish the piece and send it to you. (I'll only finish the work until I receive the complete payment) You'll receive a hi-res pic without watermark.

Examples and Prices in USD (I am from England but I feel USD is more known, just ask if you want it converted into other currency)

Detailed full characters, full colouring, simple shading, could include simple background.
Starting at $15

Sailor Moon by awokenbyacloud  Anti by awokenbyacloud Over The Garden Wall by awokenbyacloud

same amount of detail, full colouring, simple shading, simple background.
Starting at $10

Peace by awokenbyacloud Antisepticeye by awokenbyacloud Pewdiepie's New Hair by awokenbyacloud

(added characters +$10)

Jack, Felix and Mark (Heathers) by awokenbyacloud

Simple animal/ furry design, simple shading.
Starting at $7 

Rainbow Dash by awokenbyacloud Spyro the Dragon by awokenbyacloud Ampharos by awokenbyacloud

(added animal in same picture is +$5)

Poliwag Evolution by awokenbyacloud

(Funky art style +$5)
Banette by awokenbyacloud Alolan Meowth by awokenbyacloud


Please note/ email me commission request and i will share my paypal info.

If you need a refund for whatever reason, then you must request it before I've started your commission. 
If I've already started, then I will give you a partial refund based on how far along I am. 
Refunds are not given for completed pieces. If you have any concerns about the image, please voice them before the commission is finished. However, in the event that I, the artist, cancel the commission, for whatever reason there may be, you will get a full refund.
This is regardless of the work already done.


You can always just note me on DA if you would prefer.


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I have an instagram account now too!!! 

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So i have finally sorted out my tumblr theme so that now if you go on my blog you can click a link and looook at my art, yaaay! Also i think i want a core membership, dunno whether to just go ahead and get one?? or wait till i can save points by doing art?? IDKDerp 

anywhooo please follow me on these other websites!! Lenny Face Emoticon 

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Hey hi how are you

So basically I've been trying hard to draw more and submit more art. I want to make an online portfolio and get back some opinions based on my art.

Thinking of going to uni next year but I'm still not sure, sometime I will be doing commissions, they won't be expensive so look out for them to come! Anyhoo

Please check out my Facebook page, tumblr, Twitter and YouTube! Thank you!